Can you guess what is one of the top things we hope for at the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana? You might respond, “lots of donations to build endowments for our Church” and sure, that would be a good answer. But not the correct one.

The most important thing we wish for is that you never have to wonder if your donations to the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana are making a difference for the Church. No matter which endowment you designate with your gift, you are helping the Church today and securing its future. It is important that our donors know this.

We are grateful to everyone who makes gifts for their favorite Catholic causes. We are even more thankful for their trust! The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana plans to keep building your confidence in our ability to carry out this mission for the entire Catholic Church in our diocese because we are, as they say, “in it for the long haul”. We will continue to share information as to how the contributions you give to are making a difference in the life of the Church – which, of course, is all of us. From each corner of our vast diocese to all points in between, we are Christ’s living body.