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Endowing Your Gift

If you could make just one gift that would continue to benefit your parish or cherished ministry every year for 100 years…200 years…forever – would you do it?

Because of your gift today, next year will be stronger for our church. And stronger the year after. And soon, not that many years from now, Catholics in our diocese will have resources available to them for diocesan ministries, schools, and local parishes that we can only dream of today. How beautiful and powerful is that?

Your gift today to one of the Foundation’s many permanently-restricted endowment funds is an excellent way to pass on our faith – one of the greatest gifts of all – to build what the prophet Jeremiah called, “a future full of hope.”

St. Michael, Savage

Endowing your gift is different than placing a gift in the Sunday offertory. Your weekly support of your parish, through the offertory, is an outright gift, meaning your parish can use your contribution immediately. Your gift is given; your gift may be spent. On the other hand, when you endow your gift, you are instructing that your donation be invested on behalf of your parish, to generate earnings from your donation this year and for every year thereafter – benefitting your parish forever! The endowment provides a consistent source of ongoing income for the Church which becomes greater with each charitable contribution to the endowment.

Annual disbursements to the parish, ministry, school (or other Catholic organization in our diocese) begin when an endowment reaches a minimum $10,000 balance and has been in existence for one full year.

Permanently-endowed donations are wisely invested for maximum total return. That growth translates to improved financial sustainability for our Catholic parishes and ministries.

Endowments of the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana

The Catholic Foundation currently manages more than 100 permanently-restricted endowments. All established by donors like you.
These are funds which are invested in perpetuity and pooled for maximum earning power in support of the distinct beneficiaries (parishes, schools,
diocesan ministries, Catholic organizations).

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Faith and the Montana Endowment Tax Credit

Montana taxpayers have a substantial incentive to give charitably to permanently-restricted endowments. It is called the Montana Endowment Tax Credit. A tax credit is usually much better than a tax deduction. For those who make planned gifts in support of endowments, the Montana Endowment Tax Credit offers:

  • A tax credit equal to 40% of the charitable value of a planned gift made by individual donors
  • A tax credit of 20% of the value of outright gifts made to endowments by estates, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.
  • The tax credit limit is $10,000 per year, per individual or entity; couples may claim up to a $20,000 credit.
Montana Endowment Tax Credit

Planned Giving

We want to make it easy for you to make a life-changing gift in support of the Church. Planned Giving refers to donating in a way that maximizes the impact of your gift for 1) your own happiness, tax and personal income benefits, and 2) the ultimate good of the cause you are supporting. Planned Giving often combines financial planning, estate planning and tax-planning techniques.

The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana can help you with your planned giving by listening to your wishes and helping you choose techniques that accomplish your goals.

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