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Donate to an Endowment

You can designate your gift to help provide a steady, growing stream of income for the Catholic parishes, schools, ministries, and other organizations that you cherish. Each endowment is a permanent source of funding that benefits a specific Catholic organization today, tomorrow, and forever.

Greatest Needs Endowment
Many Catholics simply love their faith and want to give to build the Church as a whole. If this sounds like you, choose the Greatest Needs Endowment, which supports parishes, schools, and ministries throughout our entire diocese through the Foundation’s grant program.



An endowment is a permanent source of funding that benefits a specific Catholic parish, school, or ministry. Endowments are pooled and invested for growth, according to the USCCB’s Catholic investment guidelines. This means that none of our investments support activities or companies that go against the Church’s moral teaching.

Every year, a percentage of the endowment’s total balance is distributed to the fund beneficiary, so that it starts benefiting them immediately. As the endowment balance continues to grow, those annual distribution checks get bigger and better every year. Learn more here.

Greatest Needs Endowment

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37% of $100,000 Goal

Caring for Our Priests Endowment

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50% of $100,000 Goal

Seminarian Education Endowment

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54% of $140,000 Goal

Bishop's Endowment

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77% of $200,000 Goal

All Endowments


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Catholic Schools

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Priests and Seminarians

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Ministries and Charities

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Legacy (Named) Funds

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Faith and the Montana Endowment Tax Credit

Montana taxpayers have a substantial incentive to give charitably to permanently-restricted endowments. It is called the Montana Endowment Tax Credit. A tax credit is usually much better than a tax deduction. For those who make planned gifts in support of endowments, the Montana Endowment Tax Credit offers:

  • A tax credit equal to 40% of the charitable value of a planned gift made by individual donors
  • A tax credit of 20% of the value of outright gifts made to endowments by estates, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.
  • The tax credit limit is $10,000 per year, per individual or entity; couples may claim up to a $20,000 credit.
Montana Endowment Tax Credit

Planned Giving

We want to make it easy for you to make a life-changing gift in support of the Church. Planned Giving refers to donating in a way that maximizes the impact of your gift for 1) your own happiness, tax and personal income benefits, and 2) the ultimate good of the cause you are supporting. Planned Giving often combines financial planning, estate planning and tax-planning techniques.

The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana can help you with your planned giving by listening to your wishes and helping you choose techniques that accomplish your goals.

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