How Does the Montana Endowment Tax Credit Work?

By May 14, 2018Articles

Montana Endowment Tax Credit
Steve and Tricia, ages 60 and 59, make a $5,000 gift to their favorite endowment at the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana. They don’t necessarily want or need an income payment back in the future; what they DO want is to make a gift this year to build the future for their local parish AND to get the maximum tax benefits available to them. They decided to do a “Charitable Deferred Gift Annuity” with the Foundation and utilize the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Because they made their gift this way, they can now:

Take a $1,850 credit on their 2018 Montana tax return (that’s a dollar-for-dollar reduction on what they owe)
Take a $1,480 deduction on their 2018 Federal tax return (if they itemize)
Steve and Tricia were able to give $5,000 to help the Church for a net cost of just $1,670.

If they had given their $5,000 outright, their net cost would have been approximately $3,055. See how wonderfully they leveraged their giving to support the Church by using the Montana Endowment Tax Credit?

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