Guess Who’s Turning 21 This Year?

By May 14, 2018Articles

Two very notable things happened 21 years ago.

First, our oldest daughter was born…and yes, she turns 21 this year. I’m fairly certain she wouldn’t want me writing any more about her in this article, however. But the other notable thing that happened in 1997 is definitely something you need to hear.

Like me, in 1997, our Montana Legislature gave birth. They brought into our world a sweet little package that has brought joy to thousands of Montanans ever since. They dubbed the little ‘darling’ the “Montana Endowment Tax Credit.” It was such an amazing gift that we are still sending out announcements about it, like this, even 21 years later!

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that good things will last forever. Our 21-year old Montana Endowment Tax Credit could be nearing its life expectancy next year– at the ripe old age of 22. I say ‘could’ because the tax credit may be extended for another six vibrant years, if that is what next year’s state legislature decides. We’ll wait and see… and hope and pray. Until then, I suggest we celebrate!

This unique and generous 40% tax credit (much better than a tax deduction) is available to Montana taxpayers who make a qualifying planned gift to a permanent endowment. The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana has more than 100 qualifying endowments for you to choose from – or you can even start a new one, and even in your own family’s name. We have endowments for individual parishes, for Catholic schools, and for important ministries like the Seminarian Education Endowment or the Priest Retirement Endowment. Gifts can even be made in honor or memory of someone special, as a tribute. You can make a difference in the life and future of the Catholic Church in our diocese and by doing so, also be rewarded with the benefit of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Let’s celebrate by really raising the roof this year and next! Let’s tell each other about this credit, especially those of you who use it year after year. Take advantage of the credit this year and next, as Catholic faithful who are passionate and committed to the future of our faith in this diocese!

Find out more about this 21-year old gem by visiting and clicking on “Endowments.” Or call me at (406) 727-6683, ext. 120 or send me an email for more information at [email protected]