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A few thank you notes for our donors… Blessed be the fruits of your charitable giving!

Once again, the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana has helped a parish to repair and preserve church property. With their help of the recent grant, we at St. John’s Parish in Baker were able to replace a door that was severely damaged by hail (which was not covered on the insurance policy). Thank you to all who contribute to the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana and made this possible!
Wanda Pinnow, Parish Council, St. John’s Parish – Baker

The Foundation awarded Sacred Heart School a grant to be used toward repairing the school roof. While we did receive some insurance coverage, it amounted to only a third of the actual cost to replace the entire school roof. This left the school and parish to pay for the remainder of the project. We knew funding would be tight when it came to covering the costs of the roofing project, but then came the pandemic. This caused us to cancel our normal spring fundraiser, which annually supports our general fund as well as paying for a number of extras like computer equipment, replacement of textbooks, etc. While we were grateful to receive the grant from the Foundation, we are all the more appreciative for the help because of the current situation. On behalf of Sacred Heart School, advisory council, staff, and students I thank the Foundation for helping us take on and successfully meet our financial obligations.
Bart Freese, Principal, Sacred Heart School – Miles City

The Kitchen at St. Ann’s would like to thank the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana and its donors for the generous support to carry out our ministry. We have a volunteer crew come in on Thursdays to prep for the meals we serve to the needy on Fridays. Frequently, they process 100 pounds of onions, celery and carrots. The dicer that was purchased with the Foundation’s support will make this job a lot easier! We also bought a new roaster with the funds provided for cooking the hamburger and chicken for our soups. It is making the process easier and much safer. Again, we thank you for being such a blessing to our volunteers and all those we serve.
Sue Rediske, St. Ann’s Kitchen – St. Ann Cathedral, Great Falls


The Foundation’s support is helping St. Ann’s Kitchen carry out Corporal Works of Mercy. In 2019, they served nutritious meals to 7,751 adults, 383 children, and distributed 7,128 to-go lunches.