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Lots of people are shy when it comes to sharing their giving stories. When a friend commented recently that people like to read about other people, she urged me to share my own story. (“Hey, you’re a donor – tell them what you do!”) At the risk of being awkward, I realized she is right and perhaps sharing that I “walk the talk” might inspire others. My husband and I have been making planned gifts every year for eight years through the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana to benefit the Catholic Church in our diocese.

Here’s why:

  • It makes us feel good!
  • It is great fun and, honestly, very satisfying to know that each one of our planned gifts will help the Church multiple times – a LOT of multiple times – as in, forever!
  • Because of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit, we have been able to give more to the Church than we thought possible for our income level. We’re essentially giving our tax dollars to the Church. Using the tax credit is, as the saying goes, a no-brainer for us.
  • We can split our gifts between different endowments! We generally support our own parish endowment (see the photo), but have also branched out to include other endowments, such as the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Endowment, the Greatest Needs Endowment, and the Seminarian Education Endowment.

So, the moral of the story is not only do I have the privilege of helping hundreds of Catholics feel awesome about their giving via a planned gift for their favorite endowment(s) through my work, I get to soak in the happiness myself as a planned gift and endowment donor. It’s so much easier sharing enthusiasm about the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana from a personal perspective! I’m a believer, for certain – in our Savior, in our faith, and in the good that comes from sharing our gifts in this way that will help the Church forever.

May I help you with a planned gift to benefit the Church and yourself, as well? Please contact me to learn more: (406) 727-6683, ext. 120 [email protected].