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Photos and Videos
A lovely picture of Eastern Montana in God's glory.
Altar Servers
Altar servers wait patiently for the ordination Mass of Doug Krings to begin.
Open Space
Priest Ordination
On May 21, 2013 Doug Krings was ordained a priest. He now serves in Roundup at St. Benedict Church
Bishop's Hike
Each year Bishop Warfel invites the kids to go for a hike with him. As you can see he has many teens join him as they hike the mountains of Montana.

We are happy you have come to our website and hope you find it helpful and easy to use. Please let us  know how we can help you with your goals to support the future of our Catholic faith.  We hope to hear from you!

Care & Share Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dates of the Care and Share Appeal?
Care and Share begins the first weekend of March and continues through June. Of course, your support of Care and Share is welcome and gratefully received at any time, year-round!

I didn’t get a letter from Bishop – what do I do?
We mail to registered parishioners on the master list kept current by the Bishop's Office from information provided by parishes. If someone in your parish doesn't receive a packet from Bishop Warfel, please:

Why not just give to my own parish or individual ministries?
We are member of the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church” and are called to serve our brothers and sisters throughout our larger community and the world. While your parish certainly needs your support to continue and grow its ministry, so does our diocesan church which reaches out to assist parishes and parishioners in outreaches of our very large diocese.

Why is my donation needed?
This annual appeal is the most important source of funding for our diocese each year. The support of every Catholic household in the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings is needed. The outcome of this support determines the amount of ministry that our Church can offer in support of local parishes and Catholics across our diocese. To grow our faith and help our Church thrive (not just maintain the status quo), it takes the prayer-filled, thoughtful support of each and every Catholic in our diocese.  No matter the size, your gift shows you support the work of our Church and want to help our faith flourish!

Why do we need the ministries of the Diocese?
The Catholic Church serves the needs of many people in our diocese, country and world. While several of these services are offered at the parish level, it is often more effective when we join together in ministries and service for all in our diocese. Each diocesan ministry exists to support and further the work of our local parishes.

How will my gift to Care and Share be used?
Your Care and Share gift stays right here in our diocese to support several important ministries which are vital to the life of our Church.

Does my parish benefit from my donation?
Yes, in several ways. Care and Share support ministries that assist all parishes in our diocese. Some parishes use diocesan services more than others, but all parishes benefit. It is a fact that your support of Care and Share will touch each and every church in eastern Montana. For example, through Care and Share, some parishes receive assistance to provide the basic necessity of having a priest to provide sacraments as regularly as possible. Other parishes utilize the services of the diocesan staff in the areas of ministry support, business, human resources and legal support. The range is wide and varied.

Will my gift help my parish meet its Care and Share goal?
Yes. Each parish has a certain target amount for which it is responsible, based upon the total amount needed for support of our diocesan church. Your gift will help your parish meet its goal for 2016.

How are Care and Share and Parish Goals determined?
To parishioners, Care and Share is a true appeal. To parishes, it is also an assessment. Each church has a certain goal for which it is responsible, as part of the total campaign goal. The campaign goal is determined by the budget of our diocese. Individual church goals are calculated through the Care and Share formula. The priests of our diocese decided upon the Care and Share formula years ago, which is consistent for all parishes. Periodically, they review this formula and recommend updates, if appropriate, to our Bishop and Diocesan Finance Council. If all in your parish support Care and Share, the goal will most likely be easily achieved.

Will my donation be used only for ministries that serve the people of our diocese?
Yes, contributions made to Care and Share will be used only for the benefit of designated ministries and for no other purposes.

Will my donation be used for legal costs for the diocese?
Not in the way you might think. A small portion of Care and Share funding is used for the benefit of parishes and diocesan offices in regard to necessary legal work, such as reviewing an employee contract or documents for mineral rights. Legal needs also arise when claims against entities of the diocese occur, such as injuries on church property. Sometimes legal claims are made which are not legitimate, but have to be addressed nonetheless. Having legal support protects asset s of our diocese, which include all of our churches and their resources. Insurance often covers most legal costs. 

Why is the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana involved with Care and Share?
The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana is the nonprofit organization which promotes giving and processes all gifts in support of our diocese, including those designated for Care and Share. The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana is a separate nonprofit organization from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Great Falls (a.k.a. diocese). Its mission is: Promoting, Expanding and Strengthening the Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana is governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of parishioners from across our vast and wonderful diocese!

What should I give?

How much of my gift will go directly toward fulfilling ministries of our Church in the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings (aka Church of Eastern Montana)?
For every dollar contributed, more than 98 cents will go towards supporting the important Care & Share ministries and services provided by our diocese.